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Documents for the May Membership Meeting

Unit directors, this information was also sent to your email and posted on the RMCGA facebook page…please notify your fellow directors about these important announcements:
The following link should be used to indicate your intention to attend the May membership meeting on May 15.
* Please submit this information by May 7.
* if you are unable to attend, please use this form to indicate your proxy
* nominations for Secretary, Vice President and Contest Director (make sure that your nominee(s) have been notified and accept the nomination – they should either attend the meeting to accept the nomination or send a notice to me indicating their acceptance of the nomination)
 **UPDATE:  Please email nominations for Member-at-Large to RMCGA.Secretary@gmail.com as it was not included on the form.  Also, the Contest Director is an appointed position not subject to a membership vote.

**UPDATE:  Here is the link to the submitted proposals.  Please review them in preparation for discussion at the membership meeting.

2016 RMCGA Proposals

 **5/10/2016:  As the proposals were being formatted for posting the first one was inadvertently omitted.
     The proposal was submitted by Kristina Minton (Sand Creek) in the category of “Contests”.
     Proposal:  I propose that contest sites be decided no later than September 1st.
     Rationale:  Knowing where contests will be held prior to the winter season will assist with planning and budgeting for the season.
     Financial Impact:  None
The May membership meeting is scheduled for 1:00pm on Sunday, May 15 at Pomona High School.

May Membership Meeting

The May membership meeting will be held at Pomona High School on Sunday, May 15 at 1:00pm. Unit directors:  Use the following link to submit proposals for the
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Congratulations Champions

Cadet -Solstice Cadets Novice – North Arvada Middle School Scholastic Regional A – Lakewood High School Independent Regional A – Mysterium EOS Scholastic A – Air Academy High
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Instructors Wanted

  Many color guard teaching opportunities are available across the state, please check the Help Wanted link on our website for these opportunities.
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Color Guard Instructor Wanted

The University of Colorado Boulder “Golden Buffalo” Marching Band is looking for a color guard instructor.  Follow the link below to get more information: CU Colorguard Instructor job posting_2016
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